Glass Clinking To Make The Newlyweds Kiss

Kishana Highgate Photography-6249Let’s face it…..your family and friends are excited that you are married!!  They want to see you kiss your new husband/wife as often as possible.  And you have to admit, kissing your new husband/wife is probably pretty yummy at this point.  However, if the sound of glass clinking makes you want to pull your hair out, perhaps you can try these few tips as alternatives.


1. Oversized Die.  Make an oversized die and put numbers on the sides and make one side have a pair of lips.  If they roll the die and it lands on the lips, then you get to kiss your boo.  However, if it lands on a number, the guest has to kiss that many people. (On the cheek of course.)  I’ve seen this game played out and it is hysterical to watch! This is a fun way to keep your guests entertained while waiting for their dinner to be served.

2. Pucker Up Buttercup.  If they want to see you pucker up in public, then make them do it first!  Have your guests demonstrate smooching at the sweetheart table before you do it.Kishana Highgate Photography--23

3. Bells.  Have little bells at each place setting so when your guests want to see you smooch, they can ring their bells.


Don’t forget!  Whatever alternative you decide, you should have a little place card at each table setting letting your guests know what it will take so see you smooch!



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