Letting Go of Perfect….


Kishana Highgate Photography-203Below are the Top 3 Lessons Learned From Recent Brides


Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable moments of your life. You are likely scared, excited, and hopeful all at the same time. You may even be afraid that something will go wrong and your day will be ruined.


Relax. All of these things are completely normal. Your wedding day can definitely be a stressful experience. That’s why it’s important to get some feedback from past brides who have already had a wedding experience. In this article we will go over some lessons compiled from recently married women. Take their advice, and you will feel more confident about your upcoming wedding.


1. Things won’t turn out perfect


Weddings are often a complex affair. There a ton of factors that go into it, and as a result, a ton can go wrong. Instead of fearing that something will go wrong, expect it. Usually, it’s a minor thing that has no effect whatsoever. In fact, something going wrong can even lighten the mood.


So don’t worry about mishaps. Understand that there is no such thing as perfect wedding. Don’t shoot for a perfect wedding. Shoot for a great one, and your wedding will turn out great.


2. Remember the reasons you are having the wedding


You aren’t having the wedding to impress everyone or get a perfect picture. You are having a wedding because you are formally declaring your monogamy to the person that you love. And because you wanted your friends and family to join in on this special day.


Remember that while things like food and music are fun, they are just small details. Your wedding will turn out great. Nothing can possibly prevent you from joining together in holy matrimony in front of your loved ones. That alone makes the wedding incredible.


3. Get help


Many of the recent brides that we talked to described themselves as “control freaks.” At first, they tried to micromanage everything, but they soon realized that the more they delegated tasks to other people, the less stress they had to endure.


You can’t do everything yourself. You will need extensive help – both during the planning periods and the wedding yourself. Your friends and family will be happy to ease the burden on you by helping you with a variety of tasks. In fact, they will probably be happy that you chose them to do it.


Follow these lessons from recent brides, and your wedding will definitely turn out great.



Let go of having a perfect wedding because afterall……”Perfect” is nothing more than a seven letter word.



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