Thank You Note Etiquette–Did They Give Us a Gift??

Are you wondering if you should send a thank you note to someone and you aren’t sure if they gave you a gift?  Absolutely.  If you aren’t sure if someone gave you a gift, then you should error on the side of caution and thank them for attending your wedding.  Be gracious and thank them for attending your wedding, because their presence should be gift enough.  Here’s a few sample notes of what you can say:

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 8.20.40 PMSample 1:

“Thanks so incredibly much for attending our wedding!! I hope you had as much fun as we did! Let’s connect soon and catch up.”


Sample 2:

“Thank you for attending our wedding.  It meant the world to us to have you share in such a special day.  Knowing that we have your support, and love encourages us to succeed.


When your guest receives this note, if they gave you a gift, will definitely prompt them to ask you if you received their gift.   That will lessen the awkwardness of asking them if they gave you a gift.  After all, no one is required to give you a gift.   And if they don’t even notice that you didn’t mention a specific gift, at least you know for sure that they will not be offended in any way because they received some sort of “thank you.”


And if it turns out that there was no card and no gift, no biggie!  It’s more important that they were at your wedding to show their support and this gesture alone you should appreciate.




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