The best wedding advice for writing thank you notes

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 8.20.40 PMWe all want to make sure we do the right thing and we don’t offend our family and friends.  So follow these tips on the best advice for writing thank you notes.


My wedding is in 30 days, but I have already started receiving gifts, when should I send a thank you note?

Right away.  It will help you get a “jump” on writing the thank you’s.  And solicit help from your partner!


How much time do we have to send thank you notes?

One year.  While it is best to write them within 3 months of the ceremony, sometimes circumstances, life and other obstacles can get in the way.  But you shouldn’t put it off any longer than a year.


We received a few gift cards but we don’t know who they are from?  What should we do?

Send a general thank you note.  If you were able to thank everyone for their specific gift, but there were a few gifts that didn’t have names attached, then you should send a general note of “thanks” for attending your wedding.


We received a wedding gift that we don’t really like,  what should we do?

Be gracious. Thank them for the gift and explain to them that every time you see it you will think of them.


Should we send a thank you note to our vendors?

Absolutely!!!!  We LOVE thank you notes.  It makes us feel like all warm and fuzzy inside because you appreciated our service.  We also depend on our couples to give testimonials so that other couples will hire us.


Should I contact my partner’s favorite Uncle if he gave us a gift?

Absolutely not.  That is pretty tacky.  Be humble and grateful that your partner’s favorite relative was in attendance.




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