15 Signs That He’s About to Pop The Question

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1. He starts complimenting you on your jewelry and/or snoops around your jewelry box.

2.He’s acting out of character like asking you if you want to go for a walk through the park or go somewhere alone….just the two of you.

3. He’s eager to meet your parents.

4. He starts penny pinching.  Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and your guys worst enemy!

5. He starts talking to your family or friends behind your back.

6. He’s acting nervous or secretive.  (With good reason!)

7. He doesn’t mind being your +1 at a wedding.

8. He wants to talk about the future.

9. He starts disconnecting with his bachelor ways.

10. He makes sure that you know he’s a great catch.

11. Your friends or family try to find out your ring size.

12. He’s being corny.

13. He changes his language from “I” and “You” to “Us” and “We.”

14. He’s interested in window shopping for rings.

15.  Your friends suddenly seem reluctant to hang out. (That’s because they know he’s about to pop the question!)


If your love is doing a few of these things, he may be getting ready to pop the question!  My favorite wedding proposals are flash mobs!  Every time I see one for a proposal I cry!  Here’s my favorite proposal  of all time…..and yes….it still makes me cry!!!  But no matter how your boo proposes, the most important thing is that your love wants to spend the rest of their life with you. Sometimes proposals don’t go according to plan, but look at the level of effort that was displayed.  I’m sure you’ll be overjoyed nonetheless.   And when he does, that’s when you get to start with the “I do” dance.  Listen to the song here.

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