How To Take Great Wedding Day Photos

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Brides are consistently asking me for pointers on how to take great photos on their wedding day.  So I’ve compiled a quick list on 5 of the 10 things you should do and some of the things you shouldn’t do when taking photos on your wedding day.

1. Don’t Suck It In
Instead, blow all the air out of your belly and hold it tight.  Try doing this daily in the 30 days before your wedding.  This will tighten your belly muscles.

2. Have Good Posture

Standing up straight elongates your body and gives you an instant dose of confidence. The more you practice keeping your shoulders back and sitting up straight, the more natural it becomes.

3. Keep Your Chin Up….
When you look down at your bouquet or to the ground, you lose light and can create a double chin.  Instead, look down with your eyes.

4. Bouquet Should Stay at Your Belly
I’m not quite sure why so many brides hold their bouquet so high that it’s right at chest level.Don’t hide that beautiful dress you’ve dreamed your whole life to wear.  A good rule of thumb is to keep the bouquet right at the belly.

5. Smile with Your Eyes
Try taking a few selfies to see the difference between a picture of you smiling your normal smile and then do one to include you smiling with your eyes.  Notice the difference?!  If done right, the smiling with the eyes photos should give your photos that extra ooomph!

Be sure and check back tomorrow where I’ll provide 5 more tips that will help you take great wedding day photos!

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