Tricks To Amazing Bridal Photos

KishanaHighgatePhotography_060212_0017_ webYour wedding day is coming up and you are going to want to look your best for your photos.  Typically your make up artist will position you in front of a big window so that you can be in the best possible light.  This is important for a couple of reasons. When your MUA is applying your makeup it is important for him/her to see what tones the makeup will produce when you are in daylight.  This will help your MUA to match your skin tone to a natural color that is as close to your skin tone as possible.   The other reason is when I come in to photograph you as you are getting ready, you will be in the best light which will translate beautifully in your pictures.


Additionally, it probably is a good idea to be a little vain.  Yes, stand in front of a mirror and take lots of photos of yourself.  Find angles that you like of yourself.  Find ways that you look your best. And most of all, practice things like “smizing!”  We’ve all seen at least one episode of Tyra Banks in, America’s Next Top Model right?  (I admit I’ve seen at least a dozen or more of her shows when it first aired.)  One of the techniques Tyra teaches is to SMIZE.  Don’t know how?  Check out Tyra’s tips on smizing right here.  In 45 seconds Tyra will teach you smizing and all you have to do is practice, practice, practice.  Once you’ve got this technique down, you will notice a favorable result in your photos.


Another thing you have to learn is finding your light.  Light will make or break a picture.  No matter how beautiful your makeup is, or how gorgeous your gown is, or even how beautifully styled your hair is, none of these things will matter if you are in terrible light.  This is where hiring a professional photographer makes all the difference in “ok” looking photos and GREAT photos.


Try these simple tricks and you will have amazing bridal photos on your wedding day!


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