Top 5 Things To Do When You Get Engaged

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Congratulations on getting engaged!!!  At this moment you’ve got to be levitating and on cloud 9.  Quite frankly……I would be too!  So what’s next?  Here’s the top 5 things you should do to get things started in planning your wedding.


1. Pick a Date. Picking a date can be a lot of fun.  You have so many date options available to you and your fiancé.  You can pick the date when you two first met.  You can choose the same date your parents or grandparents got married.  Or if you are into numbers you can pick dates that are fun such as 12/13/14, or 8/8/16.  Me personally, I want to get married on the fourth of July. Fireworks!!!!

2. Set a Budget.  I know….it’s not fun. However, it’s important to have a ballpark idea on how much you two want to spend on your wedding.  If you have no idea what you want to spend because you have no idea how much a wedding costs….then you should follow the link in my article entitled “What is the Average Cost Wedding” found here. All you do is plug in your zip code,  approx. guests and boom….the wedding cost estimator will display the average cost of weddings in your area.

3. Pick a Venue.  Now this is where things can get a little tricky!  The best venues book early.  What’s early? A year…and sometimes 2-3 years in advance.  So if you have a date in mind that is flexible then contact your favorite venue(s) right away and inquire if your date is available.

4. Book your Photographer. Start with discussing with your fiancé if they know any photographers they want to work with on your wedding day.  If not, start asking friends and family to recommend someone to you. If all else fails, check out some of your local bridal shows and meet with some of the photographers that have a personality that matches yours. Once you’ve narrowed it down to your top choices. Take a test drive with them. What’s a test drive?  An engagement session.  Your engagement session is the best way to test drive me and make sure I am a good fit for you both on your wedding day. Afterall, if you choose me, I’ll be following you around all day so it’s important that you like me. (smile)

5. Get a Separate Email Address.  Before you start providing wedding vendors with your personal email address create a new one that is dedicated to your wedding plans.  It would be overwhelming to combine your personal email address with the wedding related items because there are many of us wedding vendors (not me of course) that will bombard your email with promotions and other helpful tips and tricks for planning your wedding. So to prevent yourself from getting overwhelmed with emails create something fun like Okay….not really….but you get the drift!


Again, congratulations on your upcoming wedding day!  Let the fun begin!


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