KHP Bride Idea! Be Mindful of the Wedding Date!

Bride Idea Image 5When planning your wedding, one of the first things you do is set the wedding date.  While having a wedding near a holiday such as Labor Day may sound like a great idea…..often times your guests have made plans well in advance for this weekend (which is usually done well before they receive your invitation.)  The Pope recently visited us and the entire city SHUT DOWN.

Another thing to keep in mind is if the town you live in has a high population of huge sports fans.  I can tell you from experience living here in the DC Metro Area….if there is a Redskins vs. Cowboys game….the Beltway is a joke during that rivalry game and should be avoided at all costs! If your guests have to navigate around a lot of traffic, they will likely turn around and go home.

I did a search on “Events scheduled in DC 2016” and the internet returned a plethora of results.  So—it may take you a few minutes or so to scour the internet for football games, or festivals, NASCAR, etc during the month of your wedding so that hopefully you pick a great weekend to have your wedding.



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