Still On The Fence About Hiring a Wedding Planner? 6 Reasons That Will Help You Decide

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Photo Courtesy of : Kishana Highgate Photography

1. Protect your security deposit. Remember that hefty deposit you gave the venue? The venue anticipates that your reception will get cray cray so they want to ensure their property will not get damaged. Your wedding planner will survey the venue to ensure nothing has been damaged so you can receive back your full deposit.

2. Wedding gift collecting. They will ensure that all of your wedding gifts are safely secured in your car so that no gift is lost or misplaced.

3. Collect the floral arrangements and decor. Most brides have designated who gets to take home florals from the wedding. However many guests try to take home the vases! Eeeek! Your wedding planner will monitor and sometimes act like the police to ensure that all decor is returned to the florist so you aren’t charged a replacement fee.

4. Get the guest book. Your wedding planner will not forget to grab the guest book after everyone has gone home.

5. Lost and Found. When the dancing begins it is inevitable that clothing will come off. Your wedding planner will collect any item that was left behind so that it doesn’t get thrown away by the venues cleaning staff.

6. Flip Flops. Your wedding planner can bring you a pair of flats or flip flops so you finally get to wear comfortable shoes during the reception. Those Louboutons looked fab when you walked down the aisle and during your photo session!

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