8 Things No One Will Tell You About Destination Weddings

Kishana Highgate Photography--271. Make sure your wedding will be legal in the U.S. You may want to do your research prior to the destination wedding or get married in the states just to be certain everything is legal and recognized.

2. Booking your photographer. What happens if you receive your photos after the wedding and you have a question or concern? How do you get in contact with that photographer? Who manages your complaint or issue? Who is liable? What if they ignore your calls?  Orrrrr…you can hire me to come shoot your destination wedding that way you know exactly what you are getting!  😉

3. Booking a hair and makeup person in a foreign country. I’m sure you’ve researched how much it would cost to fly your hair stylist and/or your makeup person in for your wedding. And perhaps that would be a bit costly. Can you trust someone you don’t know to style you? If yes, I suggest doing a trial hair and makeup consult before the wedding.  Or splurge a little and have your stylist flown out for your wedding.  I’m sure your stylist needs a few days vacation anyways!

4. Declined RSVPs. Don’t cry. Don’t stress. Even though you researched kid friendly resorts to have your destination wedding, there will inevitably be people who simply decline attending your wedding. Don’t fret, just manage your expectations….there will be a lot of “No’s.”

5. Not having a one of a kind wedding. Often times when you choose to have an all inclusive wedding. The details of your wedding will be pretty cookie cutter. You won’t have a unique wedding bouquet or have a uniquely designed wedding cake. If you desire those things be sure and select a wedding planner that has worked with your destination venue before and can help you achieve the wedding you desire.  However, the PLUS side is that you have LESS STRESS.  Everything will be done all you have to do is show up and get hitched!!!

6. Weather. No one can predict the weather, but if you live in Southern California you can pretty much bet on having perfect weather any day you choose to have your wedding. However, when you go some place that is tropical for your destination wedding, you may want to check what is the typical weather pattern for the dates you are considering. Remember all those beautiful tropical plants and trees become that pretty because of those awesome thunderstorms! 😉

7. Packing. Packing for a vacation is a big task alone….adding your wedding dress, shoes and accessories can definitely be challenging. What if you forget to bring your wedding rings!?!? Eeeeeek!

8. Guest arrival safely. Do you know how many times your phone is going to ring because the guests are going to have a billion and one questions before they arrive, alerting you they have arrived, and when they are ready to leave you will have to assist with transportation back to the airport.

Kishana Highgate Photography-6557
Yup!!That’s me having a little fun on a destination wedding in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Tara and Dan did everything right and had a fun and unforgettable destination wedding.

Just so there is no confusion…I am not trying to sway your opinion of destination weddings one way or the other.  Destination weddings can be faaaaaabulous if you are smart about it! I just wanted to give you some things to consider.




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