10 Secrets Your Wedding Photographer Won’t Tell You

Kishana Highgate Photography-71301. How many photos will you get from your wedding day? Most photographers don’t want to tell you how many photos you will get because there are so many unknowns that could happen at the ceremony that it’s difficult to predict. For example, when you hire me, I could catch a moment where cousin Billy walks into the room and surprises Aunt Betty that he hasn’t seen in years. At the exact same moment Aunt Betty just took a bite of her sandwich and I capture a great moment, which can’t be recreated, but you nor Aunt Betty really wants that photo because Aunt Betty has food in her mouth.  These types of things happen all the time. So to play it safe, I typically tell my brides that if my assistant and I shoot ~1500 – 2000 pics EACH, that’s about 4000 pics. No bride truly wants 4000 pics….so I’ll narrow them down to ~1200 -1500 pics.

2. How do brides get pics with those blurry backgrounds? This is called a shallow depth of field. Professional photographers achieve this look with special lenses that are able to focus on the subject and blur out the background.

3. How do some photographers take pics that are yellowish and sunny, while other photographers photos look like the photos are taken on old film while others are bright and angelic? All of us see beauty differently. So we edit our images in a manner that most represents our style and personality. So which photographer is a better photographer? The one who’s images you fall in love with immediately.

4. Why is wedding photography so expensive? Wedding photography may seem like easy money –sort of like we rake in a ton of cash for one days worth of work right? Wrong. Most of the time we carry over $15,000 worth of camera gear and we work 80 hour work weeks. Remember that 4000 pictures from question 1? It takes a long time to go through all of them and pick out the best images. Not to mention, insurance, taxes, software, marketing, repair, and shipping expenses. The cost adds up really fast and most times we are lucky to walk away feeling like we made a profit. For me personally, it’s not about over charging couples for their wedding, I shoot weddings because I simply love Love!

5. How do I take great photos? STOP WORRYING about every single pose. The more relaxed you are the better your photos will look. If you are stressed, it will translate on your photos and unfortunately there is no magic app that I can download to remove worry or stress from your expressions. Oh goodness, I remember one time I photographed this bride and I couldn’t understand why she wasn’t smiling in any of her photos. I kept thinking to myself….she does want to get married right? Come to find out she had taken a Xanex to calm her nerves! Doh…!

6. What is shoot and burn photography? That is a slang term for taking pics at your wedding and putting them straight onto a CD. There is no color correcting done, no removal of distracting elements, the big pimple that decided to pop up the night before the wedding will remain visible in every single photo. The photographers who do this sort of shooting are typically cheap and are in the business strictly for your money.

7. Do I really need a second photographer? No, you don’t really need a second photographer but they offer another perspective and can help with getting photos that your main photographer can’t. For example, when you hire me, the cost for an assistant is already included. I typically will have my assistant take photos of the cocktail hour while I am shooting the family photos and the bridal party. This way, I won’t miss great photos of the guests because I was with the couple.

8. Do I really need to book my photographer a year in advance? YES! Most photographers don’t want to appear pushy and tell you that you should book them early. But to be frank, the early bird catches the worm. So after meeting with you, I are hopeful that you book me right away because if you don’t, someone else may snag me up for their wedding day!

9. Can you Photoshop out my tattoo or make me look thinner? It depends. There are times when I see some tree branch sticking out of your back that looks awkward. If I notice it right away I will re-take the shot because it is easier than Photoshop. But if you ask your Photographer to remove your tattoo that is going to be very time consuming and you will most likely be charged for extensive editing. We honestly like to get the perfect image in the camera before we are home editing photos.

10. Should I tip my photographer? If you feel like you received great service from your photographer then express your gratitude by giving them a tip. Tips are never required but certainly appreciated!


I hope these secrets that I just revealed shed a little bit of light on some of your questions!

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