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Client Interview with Kishana Highgate

**Please take a moment to read this before working with Kishana**

How long have you been a wedding photographer? How did you get started?

I’ve been a wedding photographer for over five years and I absolutely love every minute of it! I first began this life journey about ten years ago taking pictures of my daughter when she was first born, my family members and friends just for fun. Over time, I became increasingly interested in photography and found myself spending much of my free time exploring different photography websites and researching how various techniques and equipment, such as lighting and lenses, could drastically enhance or hinder the quality of a photo. I soon found myself applying those techniques to what I thought then was just my hobby.

My defining moment came when I was offered my first role as lead photographer for a couple’s wedding just two weeks away from their big day. Their photographer canceled at the last minute due to a family emergency. In that split moment, I was inundated with mixed emotions of both doubt and excitement. Could I really do this? Was I good enough? What if I fail miserably? With the support and encouraging words from my family and closest friends, I accepted their offer and shot their wedding. The event was a huge success! The ceremony was absolutely perfect, incredibly moving and afterwards, the couple thanked me continuously for making their special a dream come true. I was deeply touched. There wasn’t a dry eye at the ceremony and unbeknownst to me, neither was mine. From that moment on, I knew in my heart that my calling in life was to become a professional wedding photographer.

What sets you apart from the other photographers?

My genuine adoration for couples who are in love and weddings is what drives me to produce the absolute very best photos for my clients. I have to admit, I tend to get a little giddy when it comes to weddings. But that’s because I have the BEST job in the world! I get the opportunity to celebrate such joyous occasions with some amazing people – all while capturing their laughs, tears of joy and smiles through the lens of my camera. My keen eye for detail is something I cherish and consistently strive to improve. Weddings are such an eclectic and fun display of a couple’s personality and it’s my job to excel at capturing those memories for couples to forever cherish. It is my hope that I accomplish just that for you!

What type of bride do you best work with?

I am happy to work with all brides, particularly with those who create a “shot list” or visual pin board from Pintrest . Now don’t worry, for all you indecisive brides out there just give me the green light to unleash my creativity and I am more than happy to do just that! So whether or not you have specific ideas for photos ops on your special day, we will work collaboratively together to effectively to ensure you are pleased with the overall vision product.

What type of bride do you not work well with?

I am a natural light photographer. It’s my job to position you in the best natural light possible to allow the authentic you shine in every photograph. I’ve had cases where brides were less familiar with my Portfolio and didn’t quite understand what it means to be a natural light photographer. I want my brides to know and fully understand my style of work, which does not include extensive retouching and photo- shopping of images.

Will you have a second shooter?

Yes. A second shooter will always be on-site at no additional cost unless other arrangements have been discussed and agreed upon.

Do you have backup equipment?

Yes. In the event of an emergency, backup equipment will be readily available on-site.

Will you work with other vendors or people I would like to work with?

Absolutely. I am happy to work with other vendors to accommodate all of your expectations and desires for your special day.

Are payment plans available?

Yes. Together, we can customize a payment plan that best suits your budget needs.

Are credit cards accepted as a form of payment?

Yes. I accept MasterCard or Visa.

Do you shoot more than one wedding per day?

No. You are my top priority and I am 100% dedicated to one bride at a time.

This sounds wonderful and exactly what I am looking for! What are next steps to move forward?

How exciting! Feel free call me directly at 818.264.6946 or send an email to kishana@kishanahighgate.com to set up your complimentary “Get Acquainted” consultation. At this free consultation, we can discuss all of your specific needs as well as review what packages best suit your personality and budget. I highly encourage all of my clients to schedule a complimentary “Get Acquainted” consultation so we can get all of your questions answered and make sure we are a great fit for one another.

May we contact some of your former clients to see what it’s like to work with you?

Absolutely. You can also look at our client Testimonials as well.

This sounds like everything I am looking for! What are the next steps to start this process?

Just email me at kishana@kishanahighgate.com or call me directly at 818.264.6946 and we’ll set up your complimentary get acquainted consultation. I want to hear about your needs and what package suits your personality and budget best.

May we contact some of your former clients to see what it’s like to work with you?

Yes absolutely! And you can also look at our client Testimonials right now!

We have a few more questions before getting started, can I call you to discuss further?

Yes, of course…. I highly encourage all of my clients to schedule a complimentary get acquainted consultation so we can get all of your questions answered and make sure we are a great fit for one another. Please email me at kishana@kishanahighgate.com or call 818.264.6946.

I look forward to meeting you and to share your love story!








Kishana Highgate

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